Gmail Server Settings For Outlook

How Do I Setup Outlook Server Settings with Gmail?

This blog is about for those Gmail users who are looking for check the settings Gmail server for outlook account, so you are on right place here you can see the step wise method to check how to configure Gmail server settings for outlook account.

Using multiple email accounts is one of the most common things among the users. But sometimes it seems difficult to use two email accounts at the same time. Have you recently created a new Gmail account and you want to access it with Outlook? Then you can simply check your entire Gmail emails on Outlook without using any software program. But to do that, you must need to setup your Gmail account in Outlook that can be easily done after applying the required server settings.

How to Setup Gmail Server Settings for Outlook 365?

If you wish to setup your Gmail in Outlook, then you would need to enter Gmail’s server settings which are given below:

  • Incoming Mail Server:
  • Outgoing Mail Server:
  • Now click on More Settings to open the Internet E-mail Settings.
  • Choose Outgoing Server tab and then check the box my outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Click on the Advanced tab and then check the box this server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).

How to Change Outlook Server Settings for Windows 10?

If you want to access your Outlook account on Windows 10, then you can easily access after applying the server settings for Outlook with the help of below steps:

  • Open Outlook and then click on Tools menu.
  • Click on Account Settings.
  • Now choose an email account and then click on Change.
  • On the Change E-mail Settings section, click on More Settings.
  • Click on Outgoing Server and then check the box for my outgoing mail server (SMTP) requires authentication.
  • Now enter 465 for Port Type and then choose SSL from the encryption menu.
  • Click on the OK tab to complete the process.

In case you wish to change Outlook server settings for Windows 10 or Gmail, then you can easily update them and if you are not able to set up or change your Gmail account in Outlook, then contact to the technical support team and get the result oriented solutions to fix this problem.

Delete/Remove Microsoft Account

How to Delete/Remove Microsoft Account Permanently?

Microsoft account is a combination of email ID and password which may be used to sign in to your Windows 10 computer. Users can easily access their Microsoft account on multiple OS including the Windows 10. But sometimes many circumstances arrive when you no longer wish to use your Microsoft account with Windows 10. In such conditions, you can either delete Microsoft account or switch back to your local account for sign in to your Windows 10 computer.

How to Delete Microsoft Account from Windows 10?

Do you use Microsoft account to sign in to your Windows 10 computer? But due to some specific reasons, you do not want to use it anymore and wish to delete it from Windows 10? Then you can smoothly delete Microsoft account from Windows 10 through multiple ways and each way is very simple to follow.

How to Remove/Delete Microsoft Account Win 10?

For this, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: Create a Local Account

  • First of all, you have to create a local account on your Windows 10 computer:
  • Press the Windows key + R key to open the Run menu.
  • Now type netplwiz into the Run box and then press the Enter.
  • Click on Add.
  • Click on Sign in without a Microsoft account.
  • Type a username and password as per your choice and then click on Next.
  • Click on Finish.
  • Now sign out of the Microsoft account that you would like to delete and then sign in using your local account that you have recently created.

 Step 2: Delete your Microsoft account

  • Go to the Start menu and then click on Settings.
  • Now choose a Microsoft account that you want to delete from the list of accounts.
  • Click on Remove option and then click on Yes to confirm the action.

With these above-described steps, you can simply delete Microsoft account from Windows 10 and if you are still any kind of doubt regarding the account deletion, then contact with the Microsoft customer service team and avail result oriented assistance to fix your queries.

Delete Outlook Account

How to Delete Microsoft Outlook Account?

Outlook email account is one of the most popular accounts that are being used by the users. Different users across the globe make use of this account because of its awesome user interface. But sometimes there comes a time when Microsoft Outlook account is not at all needed. Or the user wants to delete Outlook account. But in such a case, also, it is quite difficult to identify how a user can delete Microsoft Outlook. Most of the users are unaware of the fact that how to close Outlook account.

Delete Outlook Account

How to Delete an Outlook Email Account?

So, if you are also unaware of How to delete/close Outlook account, you can have a glance at the following steps:

Steps to Delete/Close Outlook Account :

  • First of all sign in your Microsoft outlook account by using your Outlook email and password.
  • Once you have signed in, you will see a gear icon in the upper right corner. You can simply click on that gear icon.
  • Now, your Outlook account will display various options before you. From different options simply choose the option of Managing your account.
  • As soon as, you choose to manage your account option, you will be redirected to a new page instantly. You will be able to view password and security information along with account summary.
  • Now keep on scrolling down the above page. Once reach the bottom of the page you will be able to see delete your account option.

These are some steps that can teach you close Outlook account. If even after following these steps, if your problem of how to delete Outlook account is not solved then it is a grave concern. Well, it is also something that you should not worry about. As you have some other alternate options as well. You can simply contact Outlook customer support for delete Microsoft account permanently. In case, you are in a jiffy then you can contact any renowned third-party support options as well.

IMAP, POP, Outlook SMTP Server Settings

What are Outlook SMTP Server Settings?

Outlook is one of the most precious email accounts provided by Microsoft. Yet using Microsoft Outlook is not at all free from problems. Different factors play an important role in using Outlook SMTP Server according to the latest recommendations in technology. One important aspect is related to how to find Outlook SMTP server.

IMAP, POP, Outlook SMTP Server Settings with outlooktechnicalhelpline
POS, IMAP, SMTP Server Settings

How to Fix Outlook SMTP Server not Working?

If you want to configure the settings of SMTP server for outlook then you are required to perform the following steps in order to perform successfully the settings of Outlook SMTP server settings.

  • There are few steps that you need to perform to set your SMTP server for your outlook account.
  • For Outlook SMTP settings you have to open the Tools menu and then click on Account settings option from the list.
  • Select the email account for which you want to change the Outlook SMTP settings.
  • There you can find an option of outgoing mail server (SMTP), in this field you have to set the SMTP server that you want to set.
  • If you just want to know the SMTP server for your account, you can just refer to the above said field.
  • Now browse to the more settings option.
  • Among all the visible tabs, select on the outgoing server tab.
  • If you wish to use authentication for your Outlook SMTP server, then provide the username and password.
  • You can also set the port for your SMTP server.
  • Once done you can click on next and then finish.
  • And with this you are done with Outlook SMTP configuration of your outlook account.

These are a few steps that can help you out in finding and using SMTP server in integration with Outlook. Technology is not free from problems rather the inappropriate use of any technology can create a big nuisance. If you confront any issues in solving the problem related to Outlook SMTP server not working, then you can rely on some alternate methods as well. You can acquire the help of Outlook Customer support. Sometimes when you are in a hurry then you have to look for some alternate solutions. If you are also facing the same situation you can look for any renowned third-party support after complete research.

Reset Password for Hotmail

How To Reset My Password for Hotmail?

Sometime everyone need those method through which you can explore the information to reset Hotmail password its need only when you are not aware how to reset it online either this blog will help you how to reset password for Hotmail.

How to Reset my Hotmail Password?

Emails play a vital role in maintaining effective communication among users. This is the reason why so many email account services today are abundant in the market. Well, no doubt there is no dearth of email service providers in this country. But only a few of them provide effective and reliable services to how to reset hotmail password.

How Can I Reset My Hotmail Password?

Among all the users across the globe, the name of Hotmail is taken with pride among various email service providers. But in spite, of so much popularity, users still face different issues in using Hotmail account. For instance the biggest issue is that some users are not able to remember the password of their Hotmail account. So, are you also going through this tough situation? If yes, you can look below at the procedure of How to reset Lost Hotmail password.

Steps to Reset Forgotten Hotmail Password:

  • First of all, using any web browser of your choice go to password reset page.
  • After that fill in your email Id or user name of your Hotmail account.
  • Instead of fulfilling your password, directly click on I have forgotten my password.
  • Click next and you will a captcha reset code. Before entering it to the blank field, fill in your email Id column.
  • Now type the captcha code that you see in the image in the empty box.
  • Click next. Now you will have to verify your Hotmail account.
  • To complete the verification process, you can provide the alternate email Id or alternate phone number.
  • Now you will receive a link on your email Id or a code on your phone number.
  • If you choose your email Id then click on the link received.
  • Now you can reset your Hotmail password. Enter a new password.
  • Reenter the password to confirm it and save changes.
  • Congratulations you have successfully reset Hotmail password.

In case, you confront any issues in Password reset for Hotmail account, then you can contact either Hotmail customer support or you can even get in touch with a renowned third-party support regarding issues related to Hotmail password reset.

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Why Windows Not Working on Laptop

Why Windows Not Working on Laptop

In today era some problem also might be faced by laptop or desktop user when they are using windows on their system windows stopped working problem is just a common problem here we are going to discuss how to fix the problem if windows not working or not responding on the laptop or other devices.

Today technology has become so much advanced that everyone uses a laptop or computer these days. But the use of technology is not at all free from different kinds of errors. Sometimes users face different kinds of issues while using windows. In fact, one can say that users are not able to use Windows in an optimized manner. Some users confront some peculiar issues like Windows has been crashed completely, or windows is not working due to some virus arrival in the computer. So, it becomes very much important to address such kinds of grave concern. So, let us see what can be the possible fixes if Windows is reporting some kind of errors or Windows not working/not responding.

Windows Not Working on Laptop/Windows not Responding on Laptop

Steps to resolve the issues related to Windows not working or Windows not Responding on Laptop:

If Windows issue is just because of a virus in your computer, then perform a full antivirus scan of your computer. This will definitely solve out windows issues.

Windows issues can be due to space issues in Windows as well. So, make sure to uninstall unnecessary applications.

The next solution to the problem of Windows not working is to perform a full disk clean up. This will let you solve the problems of Windows not working or windows not working on laptop effectively.

For solving Windows not updating issue, try to install updated version of windows as soon as possible.

The next fix of this problem is related to network settings. So, you can simply try to reinstall the network devices.

If still the problem is not solved then try to uninstall network adaptor driver and after uninstalling reinstall.

Check RAM access memory and if you find access memory then try to free some of the memory.

Windows Not Working/Responding After Reset

If even after taking the above steps, still the problem of Windows not working on Laptop is not solved then it is the high time to take some appropriate steps. You can search for some effective customer support. If you are not satisfied then opting for third-party support option is the best solution to solve problems like Windows not working/Responding after reset.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

How to Stop Blue Screen of Death (BSOD windows 10) Error?

BSOD is a now a common hardware or driver related error codes which occur due to some technical fault so welcome to this page you will watch here how to fix Blue screen of death problem on windows 10.

Using computer and technology is the need of the hour and due to technology it has become easy to spend one’s life in a perfect way. Whether you are required to complete a school assignment, you want to prepare for any competitive examination, or even if you want to fly abroad and wish to see the life style of the people over there, in all your pursuits’ computer and internet is your best friend. But have you ever thought if there some problem arises with your computer and if it gets crashed then what will you do? Well, this is a grave concern for those people who rely on technology. One of the key problems that most of the computer user faces these days is known as Blue screen of death. Let’s throw a light on what is blue screen of death.

How Do I Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?

When windows crashes or there is a fatal error in windows, users are able to see everything blue on their windows screen. This is a serious error which clearly signifies the death of Windows. Due to excessive use of computer and technology, most of the users face this error again and again. So, let’s see how we can learn the procedure of How to fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

Steps to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10/7

  • Blue Screen of Death often referred to as BSOD, is actually a Blue screen which appears on your window screen and you are not able to operate anything.
  • Te reason behind this screen may be any faulty app or any unknown failure. To resolve this issue you might have to perform system restore.
  • You might install apps other than default apps before doing upgrade.
  • To uninstall your apps, go to the Apps & features option under Settings, select the app there and click on uninstall.
  • You should remove unnecessary hardware which is connected to your system as this may also become a reason for BSOD.
  • If you are upgrading your windows and have seen Blue Screen of Death than you might consider doing the windows installation from start as BSOD might delete some of the files in between process.
  • Upgrading of your drivers might also resolve the problem of frequent occurrence of Blue Screen of Death.
  • Repairing of your Windows can also help you in recovering you from state of Blue Screen of Death.

This is the Entire Process of How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10

In case, if after following these steps, you are not able to root out the problems of How to fix Blue Death of Screen Troubleshooting, then it is a serious matter. Well, you should not get annoyed as there are some other ways also of troubleshooting these problems. You can also contact Customer support. If you want a quick solution as you are in a jiffy, you should contact a reliable third-party support solution to root out the issue. Hope above this blog will help you to resolve Blue screen of death error codes problem still want to ask anything please comment below.

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Talk to Live Person at Outlook Customer Support

Representatives for Outlook Contact now Live Person at Outlook Customer Support

Welcome to the outlook customer support phone number live person, online guide and service team who is available through technical support line most of people trust only those factor where they will get quick solution for their outlook account related trouble so we only prefer you to contact Outlook phone number live person where customer support team available 24 hour to manage your problem online.

Must Know About Something Outlook Customer Support and its Needs

Microsoft Outlook is one of the fastest and most reliable Outlook email service providers. Users remain completely contented with its user-friendly email service. But in spite of excellent user interface users do face some unfavorable circumstances while using this email service.

How to Talk to Live Person at Outlook Customer Support?
Talk to Live Person

It is really problematic to use this email when it is causing different kinds of issues. Well, have you ever thought that what can the effective solution of the issues that are being faced by users from time to time? The one and most reliable solution of these problems is to contact Outlook Customer support as soon as possible. But how can customers contact with Outlook customer support is still a complicated question for most of the users. Have a glance at the steps related to contacting Outlook customer support.

Ways of Contacting Outlook Technical Support :

Due to a wide popularity of Microsoft, many users use Microsoft email service and along with various other facilities provided by Microsoft. It is one of the best email services that are used by various service providers. As a result of it, a large number of people search for Microsoft customer support. Different ways to get acquainted with Microsoft Customer support are as follows:

  • You can feel free to contact Microsoft Customer support via making a phone call. It is extremely easy to do so. Simply dial Microsoft tech support number 1-855-345-8210. Once you dial up this number, you will be able to get in contact with a reliable and authentic team who will listen to your issues. After listening to the issues, it will provide you various solutions regarding this problem. So, there is nothing to worry regarding contacting Microsoft Customer service.
  • The next method to contact Microsoft customer support is to communicate through email Id. Just drop an email to Microsoft Customer service in order to ensure quick contact with these people.
  • The other option is to live chat with Microsoft Outlook technical support team. You can easily download Microsoft app from Google play store and continue to live chat with Microsoft staff. These do create some hassles sometimes as users are not well acquainted with this technology. By having live chat conversation with Microsoft support team you can easily share your problems with them and seek for appropriate answers. It is the most wonderful platform to share your concerns and seek for answers in a real time environment.

Seeking for Outlook Phone Number Live Person

Apart from above these resources you must try outlook phone number where live human person available to listen your problem carefully and they will guide you how to tackle and keep safe your account from hackers.

Talk to Microsoft Customer Service Live Person

How to Talk to Microsoft Customer Service Live Person?

Microsoft is a great organization offering various liable products. Its several running platforms offer a reliable support platform to a large number of users. No doubt, it has earned a huge respect in the eyes of its customers due to its excellent products. Yet customers from time to time face various sorts of difficulties in case of Microsoft products.

How to Talk to Microsoft Customer Service Live Person?
customer service with live Person

If as an individual you are also facing any difficulties, you have the option of obtaining speak to Microsoft customer service by live person human professionals. To solve different kinds of glitches related to Microsoft support you can rely on Microsoft customer service. This real time support platform also offers the option of talking to a live person in case of any troubling issues.

Steps of Contacting a Live Person at Microsoft Customer Service :

  • You are facing issues in Microsoft services and want to contact the customer service, it is as easy as talking to your friend.
  • Dial a number and customer service are here to help you out.
  • Let us see from where you can get these details.
  • You can dial number 855-345-8210. You can also get the details from contact us option at Microsoft support website.
  • Call back service is not available with the customer service, but yes your call will be received by a live person at Microsoft customer service center.
  • Your call will be entertained by a customer care executive of the customer care department.
  • M Microsoft Customer service Live Person is available 24*7 for you. You can dial anytime you are facing an issue, you will not have to wait for particular timings.
  • Customer Service executive at Microsoft will be happy to serve you. We hope this will help you in resolution of your problem.

Why We Need Microsoft Support Phone Number?

If even after following the above-mentioned steps, you are not able to root out the glitches, then don’t worry as there are some other alternatives also. You can also dial Microsoft support phone number in order to solve out these troubling issues as soon as possible. This is a must have step in order to improve the things as quickly as possible. An absolutely great alternative is also there that can assist you perfectly such as contacting any renowned third-party service provider as soon as possible. Once you do it, all your glitches will be sorted out perfectly.

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change Xbox Password

How to change Xbox Password If Forgotten?

Here you will find the information about Xbox live account password related problem when you forgotten or lost It you can check how to change it online either how to change Xbox password.

Before Reset the Xbox Password You Must Know Some Brief About It Read Below:

Some of the people are not acquainted with X-box. X-box is a video gaming technique created and owned by Microsoft. One can do several amazing activities with Xbox.  It helps to play video games; you can also watch movies using your Xbox. One of the most important factors that lure many people to buy Xbox is that with Xbox you can control the habit of playing video games of your children.

You have the liberty to set a time limit for which your children can use Xbox to play video games. There are some other notable benefits of Xbox for example nowadays you can connect Xbox mobile app with a console. After that you can easily use Xbox as a controller.

Although sometimes Microsoft users also face some difficulties in using Xbox, yet it is not easy to desert its use. Sometimes most of the users forget Xbox password and this puts them in a troubling situation. Here, you will come to know about how to change Xbox password and to reset Xbox live password.

Steps to Change Xbox Live Password

  • First of all go to any web browser of your choice and head over to official website of Xbox by typing
  • After that, go to upper right corner of the screen and you will be able to view X-box live sign in windows.
  • Now you can fill the user name or email Id of your Xbox account and click next.
  • After that you will have to submit password and after filling the password click next.
  • Once you click next, you will be able to view the gamer tag and profile picture in the next section.
  • Now in the next step, a drop down menu will appear. Here, you will be able to a drop down menu.
  • After that you will be able to see change your password screen. But before that you will be required to verify your identity by using recovery email Id.
  • Once you have done it, you can go and change your password.
  • Enter new password details. Reenter it and save it as soon as possible.

You have successfully changed Xbox live password.

Learn How to Reset Xbox Live Password

Steps to Reset Xbox Live Password :

  • First of all create Xbox account via paying monthly amount from your credit card.
  • After that you can set a password for you. It can be the case that you have set a password and have forgotten your password.
  • To reset your password, just go to account management menu. If you are not able to view Xbox console then you can turn on console menu for it. Also ensure that there is no disc lying in the tray.
  • Just make sure to type any casual digit in the password field. As soon as you type any digit you can have a glance at I have forgotten my password option.
  • You will also see a clear option press the clear option with A.
  • In the next step, you can type the last four digit of your credit card if prompted to do so.

Now you can set a new live password to Xbox.

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