How to Stop Blue Screen of Death (BSOD windows 10) Error?

BSOD is a now a common hardware or driver related error codes which occur due to some technical fault so welcome to this page you will watch here how to fix Blue screen of death problem on windows 10.

Using computer and technology is the need of the hour and due to technology it has become easy to spend one’s life in a perfect way. Whether you are required to complete a school assignment, you want to prepare for any competitive examination, or even if you want to fly abroad and wish to see the life style of the people over there, in all your pursuits’ computer and internet is your best friend. But have you ever thought if there some problem arises with your computer and if it gets crashed then what will you do? Well, this is a grave concern for those people who rely on technology. One of the key problems that most of the computer user faces these days is known as Blue screen of death. Let’s throw a light on what is blue screen of death.

How Do I Fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)?

When windows crashes or there is a fatal error in windows, users are able to see everything blue on their windows screen. This is a serious error which clearly signifies the death of Windows. Due to excessive use of computer and technology, most of the users face this error again and again. So, let’s see how we can learn the procedure of How to fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

Steps to Fix Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10/7

  • Blue Screen of Death often referred to as BSOD, is actually a Blue screen which appears on your window screen and you are not able to operate anything.
  • Te reason behind this screen may be any faulty app or any unknown failure. To resolve this issue you might have to perform system restore.
  • You might install apps other than default apps before doing upgrade.
  • To uninstall your apps, go to the Apps & features option under Settings, select the app there and click on uninstall.
  • You should remove unnecessary hardware which is connected to your system as this may also become a reason for BSOD.
  • If you are upgrading your windows and have seen Blue Screen of Death than you might consider doing the windows installation from start as BSOD might delete some of the files in between process.
  • Upgrading of your drivers might also resolve the problem of frequent occurrence of Blue Screen of Death.
  • Repairing of your Windows can also help you in recovering you from state of Blue Screen of Death.

This is the Entire Process of How to Fix Blue Screen of Death Windows 10

In case, if after following these steps, you are not able to root out the problems of How to fix Blue Death of Screen Troubleshooting, then it is a serious matter. Well, you should not get annoyed as there are some other ways also of troubleshooting these problems. You can also contact Customer support. If you want a quick solution as you are in a jiffy, you should contact a reliable third-party support solution to root out the issue. Hope above this blog will help you to resolve Blue screen of death error codes problem still want to ask anything please comment below.

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