Step By Step Guide to Change Outlook Signature

Being one of the highly popular email service platforms, Microsoft Outlook is widely used by people for office and personal use. Packed with amazing features, this intuitive, simple yet brilliant tool provides a seamless emailing experience. There are other tools available on the internet but nothing can beat Outlook in terms of functionality for how to Change outlook signature.

How to Add/Edit Outlook Signature?

However, in order to gain all the benefits of this technological behemoth, one needs to learn everything as much as possible. Today, we will be discussing how to edit signature on Outlook on email. Well, as you know it allows the user to add their signature on the end of every message, but you can even edit at times. So, let us see how to do this.

How to Change Outlook Signature on MAC/iPhone?

Other Helpful Methods to Change Signature in Outlook

You can even give a personal touch by adding graphics/animations and hyperlinking your signature. Basically, when you will be using Microsoft Outlook either on MAC/iphone or Windows, you will find the options to insert pictures (bmp,jpeg, png), animations (gif) and hyperlinks. So, in order to that just follow these steps:

Hopefully, you must have understood everything that you need to do in order to how to add/edit signature in outlook easily. However, if you are not able to do this or need any other information, then you can take the help of customer service for change signature in Outlook.

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