How to change Xbox Password If Forgotten?

Here you will find the information about Xbox live account password related problem when you forgotten or lost It you can check how to change it online either how to change Xbox password.

Before Reset the Xbox Password You Must Know Some Brief About It Read Below:

Some of the people are not acquainted with X-box. X-box is a video gaming technique created and owned by Microsoft. One can do several amazing activities with Xbox.  It helps to play video games; you can also watch movies using your Xbox. One of the most important factors that lure many people to buy Xbox is that with Xbox you can control the habit of playing video games of your children.

You have the liberty to set a time limit for which your children can use Xbox to play video games. There are some other notable benefits of Xbox for example nowadays you can connect Xbox mobile app with a console. After that you can easily use Xbox as a controller.

Although sometimes Microsoft users also face some difficulties in using Xbox, yet it is not easy to desert its use. Sometimes most of the users forget Xbox password and this puts them in a troubling situation. Here, you will come to know about how to change Xbox password and to reset Xbox live password.

Steps to Change Xbox Live Password

  • First of all go to any web browser of your choice and head over to official website of Xbox by typing
  • After that, go to upper right corner of the screen and you will be able to view X-box live sign in windows.
  • Now you can fill the user name or email Id of your Xbox account and click next.
  • After that you will have to submit password and after filling the password click next.
  • Once you click next, you will be able to view the gamer tag and profile picture in the next section.
  • Now in the next step, a drop down menu will appear. Here, you will be able to a drop down menu.
  • After that you will be able to see change your password screen. But before that you will be required to verify your identity by using recovery email Id.
  • Once you have done it, you can go and change your password.
  • Enter new password details. Reenter it and save it as soon as possible.

You have successfully changed Xbox live password.

Learn How to Reset Xbox Live Password

Steps to Reset Xbox Live Password :

  • First of all create Xbox account via paying monthly amount from your credit card.
  • After that you can set a password for you. It can be the case that you have set a password and have forgotten your password.
  • To reset your password, just go to account management menu. If you are not able to view Xbox console then you can turn on console menu for it. Also ensure that there is no disc lying in the tray.
  • Just make sure to type any casual digit in the password field. As soon as you type any digit you can have a glance at I have forgotten my password option.
  • You will also see a clear option press the clear option with A.
  • In the next step, you can type the last four digit of your credit card if prompted to do so.

Now you can set a new live password to Xbox.

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