Configure/Setup Outlook/Hotmail Account on Mac

Most of the people thought that account on Hotmail/Outlook is a passing cloud as it has no relevance in the real world with the emergence of But, wait it’s not true. Still, there are so many who have created their account of Outlook/Hotmail and still running account successfully.

Setup Hotmail/Outlook Account on Mac

How to Configure Hotmail/Outlook Account on Mac?

Those who are naïve in making account often come up with a query how do I setup my Outlook/Hotmail account on mac? If you are the one who is struggling with the same thing. Then don’t worry. Here, we will discuss some steps which can help you to setup Outlook/Hotmail on mac.

Steps for Setting (Configure) Outlook/Hotmail Account on Mac :-

Step1: The first step is to click on the Mail icon which is present on your mac.

Step2: Now you have to select Add Account from the mail main menu.

Step3: Select on the icon Other Mail Account which is present in the screen, and then press on the Continue button.

Step4: Just after the above step, enter the Outlook/Hotmail email address in the field.

Step5: And, then you have to enter your password along with your user id.

Step 6: Lastly, Sign in the account.

Once, it gets open lookout in the Inbox portion of the Mail app, here you will get a new mailbox which is named as Outlook/Hotmail. There you will see a number next to the emails; It signifies how many emails have been copied to the mail app. Just click the Hotmail/Outlook mailbox to open and review your account email 

You can respond to the emails present in your account as well as you can send new emails while using your account which you have created on mac.

These are the steps you can follow if you want to setup Hotmail/Outlook on mac. But still, if you find any difficulties while setting up, you can contact outlook technical helpline for manually configure hotmail/outlook account on Mac. Our experts can help you in setting up your Hotmail account on mac without any difficulties.

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