How to Delete/Remove or Close my Hotmail Account Permanently?

Do you wish to delete Hotmail account temporarily or permanently? Then you have to think for at least one time because after deleting your Hotmail account you would not able to use any kind of service or product related to Microsoft. It will take up to 60 days to delete/remove Hotmail account and within this time period, you can also access your account again just by logging in to your Hotmail account.

How to Remove/Close/ Deactivate your Hotmail Account? <h2>

Most of the users don’t any knowledge about the deletion process of Hotmail account and if you are one don’t know how to delete Hotmail account, then read this article and learn the step by step procedure to delete a Hotmail account in various ways.

How to Delete Hotmail Account Permanently?

If you have decided to delete your Hotmail account on a permanent basis, then you have to know about the proper knowledge about that. You can simply delete Hotmail account permanently with the help of some easy instructions that are given below:    

  • First of all, go to and it will be redirected you to the official Hotmail login page.
  • Now you have to login to your Hotmail account and then enter your email ID and password into the given field to login.
  • After that, you have to verify your identity and then a verification code will be sent to your recovery phone.
  • Enter the received code and then click on Sign in tab.
  • Now click on Next after reading the each box before account deletion which is available at the bottom side.
  • Under the Select a reason drop-down box, choose a reason that why you are deleting your account.
  • Choose Mark account for closure tab to complete the process.

With these above-listed simple methods, you can delete/close Hotmail account in a very simple manner and if you are stuck into any problem while applying the account closing process, then you can get an effective technical support from the professionals.

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