How to Activate Microsoft Office without a Product Key?

Used to activate the purchased products, the activation keys for the Microsoft products are generally 25-characters long. By using these keys, the users verify that the concerned product is actually purchased. In general, Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019 comes pre-installed on the new computers. However, product keys for Microsoft Office 2019, Office 365, or Microsoft Office 2016 have broadly become a thing of the past. Therefore, activating this program without a product key is actually the modern way to do it. Here is how to activate Microsoft Office 2013 without product key.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2013 without a Product Key?

  • Install Microsoft Office.
  • Open the software for the first time.
  • Then you need to hit the Activate button.
  • You will be asked by Microsoft to enter your existing account’s login credentials.
  • Move onto creating a Microsoft account if you are planning to activate a new version of Office.
  • Else, open and update your password.

How Do I Activate Microsoft Office 2010?

  • Install Microsoft Office 2010
  • Open it
  • Then you need to click on File
  • Navigate to Help
  • You will see an icon as Activate Product Key; click on it
  • The Activation Wizard will display on-screen
  • The program has already been activated if you don’t find the Activate Product Key icon

How to Deal with a Lost Microsoft Office Key?

This is how do i activated Microsoft Office 2010. Now we will be discussing the techniques of finding the product key once it is lost. None of us want to lose a product key. Moreover, having the product key is essential for you if you have purchased the Microsoft product before December 2016. The first suggestion we would like to give you is to check the key inside the box. If you did not find it on the label or card inside, find it in the packaging of the PC itself or on the certificate of authenticity. Another thing you should know that the manufacturing company, i.e., Microsoft, must have emailed you the product key if you purchased the Microsoft Office as a digital download. So, find it in your inbox if you did not find it anywhere we have mentioned earlier. For more information about how to install Microsoft Office without product key, you are suggested to contact the customer support professionals associated with Microsoft.

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