OneDrive Technical Support

OneDrive or Windows Live SkyDrive is a file hosting tool and synchronization services of Microsoft. This is one of the crucial traits of Online services. Hosting simply means that data is stored on the backend where the important data is protected with a strong password. Most of the time, people save their confidential Information in OneDrive. But have you ever realized what will happen if you will not able to access your information or you will face some difficulties while sending or receiving your mail? No idea? The simple is straightforward. Hire help from OneDrive technical support. They have a team of highly motivated professionals who will solve your issues in a nick of time.

Dial OneDrive technical support phone number

The Hosting services of OneDrive usually push all the important data and files in the cloud. Along with that, it synchronizes files with your personal computer which you can access from your mobile phones or web browser without any hassle. But still, there are so many who face struggle while opening the OneDrive. If you are the one who is facing the same problem, then just dial OneDrive technical support phone number. Their experts’ team is ever ready to provide support to customers so they not feel trouble while opening OneDrive.

OneDrive Password Reset

How to Reset OneDrive Password?

If you are asking how to do OneDrive password reset, then follow these simple steps:

Step1: The foremost step to reset the password is “go the page of Microsoft Account” and enter the sign in details on it.

Step2: On the left side of the screen, you will get an option of Change Password, click on it.

*Note: For the account protection, the following page will require your Microsoft Password for the future accessibility. This is just for the security concern to ensure that the handler of account is 100% genuine.

Step3: Now, you can select any of the options, that is a mobile number or email address to get your code. Once you filled the boxes, press on the button “Send Code”.

Step4: After getting the code, fill in the Enter Code field.

Step5: Just then, you will enter the code, it will take you to the page of Change the Password. After that, you just have to follow the guidelines that are appearing on the page.

After following the guidelines, you can easily reset the password of OneDrive.

How to Contact OneDrive Customer Service?

In any case, if you are still not able to reset the password or finding any issues related to OneDrive, then you can avail OneDrive customer service phone number. They are present 24*7 for providing assistance and support to the customers. Just dial on this number @ 1-855-345-8201 and avail their services from any part of the world.