How to Fix If Your Outlook Not Connecting to the Server?

Every day millions of customers connect to the Outlook to access, receive and send important emails related to their work and personal activities. Often the software becomes useless as it fails to connect with the exchange server. Sometimes resolving this issue is as simple as restarting the Outlook but in other situations resolving the issue can be challenging for the users especially if they don’t know where to start with.

What To Do If You Are Outlook Not Connecting To Server?

Here are some tips you can implement if your Outlook not connecting to server:

Rebuild Your Outlook

Basically, Outlook uses two types of file namely; .pst and .ost and error in any of these files can cause connectivity issues. Here are steps to handle them:

Step 1: Close Outlook properly.

Step 2: Go to the window and open the control panel.

Step 3: Look for the mail icon.

Step 4: In the result section, search for the data files.

Step 5: Find and select your data file and open the file location.

Step 6: Find the data file in the question.

Step 7: Check if the file has the extension .ost and if it has then, rename it to .OLD. But in case, if the file has the extension .pst then do not rename it.

Step 8: In the end, close the window and reopen it.

How to Fix If Your Microsoft Outlook Not Connecting to the Server?

If the result data file has the extension .pst then, follow the below steps to run the Scanpst on the file.

Step 1: You can use the window explorer to search for the scanpst.exe.

Step 2: Once you locate the file double click to run it.

Step 3: As you can see in the above resulting window click browse.

Step 4: Try to locate your .pst files.

Step 5: Double click to start.

The Scanpst can take a while depending on the size of your data file. During the run, if the Scanpst finds any error it will automatically prompt you to the repair option. Right before you click the repair option check the box to make the backup of files in case if something goes wrong during the process. Once the repair is done close and re-open the Outlook. If this doesn’t resolve the Outlook not connecting issue then contact the experts at the website.


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