Want To Know How To Fix Outlook Not Updating?

Sometimes emails are not able to download automatically in Outlook. Plus, it does not perform any significant operations such as to send/receive emails automatically. If your outlook not updating, then follow some steps.

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How to Fix Outlook Not Updating on iPhone?

These steps will help to resolve your issues in a fraction of minute. It is one of the common issues faced by the users when their outlook is not updating on iPhone.

You may follow the steps below on how to you fix Outlook not updating on iPhone/iPad:

Steps 1:- Press Settings, and then tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendar.

Steps 2:- Press Add Account in the Accounts page.

Steps 3:- Type Outlook.com.

Steps 4:- Type your Outlook.com address and password.

Steps 5:- Select the fields that you want to sync. Tap Save.

Let us know the status of the issue and give your suggestion on given number.

Follow these standard steps to fix the error if Outlook not updating automatically-

Step 1: The first step you have to take when outlook not updating automatically is- Go to MS Outlook and then move to file. Just after that, click on options following advanced and send/receive.

Step 2: Then create a new send/receive group which is present in Outlook or press on the All Accounts group and click on Copy.

Step 3: Next thing you have to do type new group name under the Send/Receive Group Name and then press on OK button.

Step 4: Now, you have to enable both these below-mentioned options:

  • Include the group in Send/receive (F9)
  • Schedule automatic send/receive after every y minutes where y is the time counted as minutes.

Step5: Lastly, you have to click on Close button and then do quit. After this step, you can restart your outlook.

After following all these steps, Microsoft Outlook will update automatically and you can easily send/receive emails without any troubles. Now, if you are thinking what will happen if these steps will not work? If so, that means the problem is serious. Even after following these steps, if you are not able to fix the problem then it may happen that your PST file is corrupted.

In that situation, you can try to fix the error with running inbox repair tool scanPST.exe. In any case, if this repair tool gets failed and your Microsoft Outlook not Updating Properly then you can take help from Outlook repair tool such as Remo Repair Outlook PST. It will help to fix the issues of PST file and you can easily update your outlook.

Conclusion: We Hope above the steps for the Outlook not Updating properly might be useful still having any problem you can contact helpline number mention here either comment below the section.

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