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Technology is helping us to accomplish of majority of the day-to-day tasks hassle-free and in lesser time. One of such tasks is sending important documents. Do you use Outlook to send your important documents? Do you use Outlook for both professional and personal purpose? If yes, then it is quite important for you to remember the password of your Outlook email. If you are unable to recall your password and due to this you cannot access your account, then rather panicking try for outlook password recovery.

How to Recover Your Outlook Password?

If you are wondering how to recover outlook password, then the answer to this question is present in the steps that are highlighted below:

How Do I Recover My Outlook Email Password?

Microsoft Outlook, like other significant communication programs, equips the user with an option of recovering a forgotten password. This is the fundamental process for recovering forgotten Outlook password, and it is generally referred to as the “manual recovery process”.

To Recover Outlook Email Account, follow these Guidelines for Outlook Account Recovery Below:

•    Reach to the Reset your outlook password page.

•    From the provided list of “reasons” (why you want to reset your password), choose a relevant reason.

•    Click Next

•    In the given box, enter your “recovery email address” (email provided during registration).

•    Fill in the characters required for the verification (figures and/or letters).

•    Click on the Next

•    After this, you will receive a verification code through the given email address or phone number.

•    Enter the verification code in the precise box and submit an entry.

•    Reset and create a new password. You need to enter the password two times in order to confirm it.

These above steps can conveniently follow you reset the password. You don’t have to be a tech-savvy to recover Outlook password without security question. Those who don’t have much in-depth knowledge of Outlook can also reset the password.

Now, it is clear that recovering your Outlook email won’t make you sweat as it is quite easy to accomplish. Outlook account Recovery by following the above steps correctly and access your account just like before.

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