Windows Not Connecting to Internet

Struggling with problems while connecting to the Internet on your Windows machine? Windows does an impressive job in discovering if there is a problem in Windows that is thwarting the device from accessing the Internet and then eradicating it, though, not every Internet issue is linked with the computer.

Before your computer can access the Internet, it is obligatory to pass through the cable modem or router rendered by your ISP. A misconfigured or faulty router will hinder all your devices from connecting to the Internet. Here, we will throw light on the few steps that will help you to eliminate “windows not connecting to internet” problem.

Steps to fix the problem

1.   Toggle Automatically Detect Settings option

If you are facing issues with only IE, then it is mandatory to check the Automatically Detect Settings option available in LAN settings. You can reach by going to Tools (or clicking on the gear icon), Internet Options, Connections, LAN Settings. Ensure you are using a proxy server for your LAN is unrestricted and that automatically detect settings is checked.

2.    Enhance Protected Mode

Enhance Protected Mode is a remarkable feature which is present in IE 10 and IE 11 that assist you to browse more safely by permitting additional security characteristics.

3.   Computer Related issues

If only your desktop is not working, but other computers work appropriately, then the underlying issue is present in only one specific computer. Let’s go through some possible solutions. To eliminate the issue, the first thing to do is to check the basic stuff. If you are utilising a hard-wired connection, ensure the cable is plugged properly into your router and computer. If still, it doesn’t work, then change the cable and see if the device works or not.

4.   Update Drivers

If you are working on a latest version of Windows on an older machine, then you might have to upgrade your drivers. Make sure that you are running the latest window.

5.   Switch off Firewall/Anti-Virus Programs

Another prevalent cause that gives rise to Internet connection troubles. Majority of people purchase these Internet protection suites that consist of anti-virus, anti-malware, firewall, web security, and other software. Sometimes the software goes overboard and it creates problems for your connection to the Internet. However, if you window is still not connecting to internet then, you can obtain help from the experts.

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