Why Windows Not Working on Laptop

In today era some problem also might be faced by laptop or desktop user when they are using windows on their system windows stopped working problem is just a common problem here we are going to discuss how to fix the problem if windows not working or not responding on the laptop or other devices.

Today technology has become so much advanced that everyone uses a laptop or computer these days. But the use of technology is not at all free from different kinds of errors. Sometimes users face different kinds of issues while using windows. In fact, one can say that users are not able to use Windows in an optimized manner. Some users confront some peculiar issues like Windows has been crashed completely, or windows is not working due to some virus arrival in the computer. So, it becomes very much important to address such kinds of grave concern. So, let us see what can be the possible fixes if Windows is reporting some kind of errors or Windows not working/not responding.

Windows Not Working on Laptop/Windows not Responding on Laptop

Steps to resolve the issues related to Windows not working or Windows not Responding on Laptop:

If Windows issue is just because of a virus in your computer, then perform a full antivirus scan of your computer. This will definitely solve out windows issues.

Windows issues can be due to space issues in Windows as well. So, make sure to uninstall unnecessary applications.

The next solution to the problem of Windows not working is to perform a full disk clean up. This will let you solve the problems of Windows not working or windows not working on laptop effectively.

For solving Windows not updating issue, try to install updated version of windows as soon as possible.

The next fix of this problem is related to network settings. So, you can simply try to reinstall the network devices.

If still the problem is not solved then try to uninstall network adaptor driver and after uninstalling reinstall.

Check RAM access memory and if you find access memory then try to free some of the memory.

Windows Not Working/Responding After Reset

If even after taking the above steps, still the problem of Windows not working on Laptop is not solved then it is the high time to take some appropriate steps. You can search for some effective customer support. If you are not satisfied then opting for third-party support option is the best solution to solve problems like Windows not working/Responding after reset.

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