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Easy Platform to solve Windows Password Reset Problem using Recovery Method

The advent of computer and technology has not only added to the convenience of a common man but also has added some troubles also to the life of the user. Now, you may be thinking about how technology has added to the trouble of human life? Here is the answer to this confusing question. Loss of windows password has become quite a big issue nowadays. Let’s envision a situation; suppose you forget the Windows password and want to know how to recover it, obviously, it will create a complete nuisance in your daily tasks as your computer screen is locked. In such a troubling situation, it becomes a key task to either recover or reset your Windows password. So, let’s peep into the process of Windows password recovery.

Problems faced by users related to Windows password for Which They Need to Recover Windows Password

Well, for some people Windows password recovery is a big problem. So, before taking steps for password recovery, let’s take a look at what kind of issues users can confront while doing Windows password recovery.

Sometimes users are not able to log in windows. The reason behind this is because they do not remember the password to unlock their computer.

Users also confront problems in getting Windows password recovery due to no admin account created on a computer.

Sometimes users also have problems in unlocking their computer as they forget to create a Windows password disk in advance.

So, these are some of the troubling issues users face with Windows. In such a scenario Windows Password Recovery is a major task.

How to make windows password recovery?

One of the easiest ways to do Windows password recovery is to create a Windows password disk on your computer. There are three ways that a user can access for Windows password recovery.

The first way is you can run and install Windows password recovery on a computer that you can use.

The other way is to insert and burn a disk on a computer that you are using.

You can also try to boot the locked computer. It will be an easy way of Windows password recovery.

How to do Windows password reset without creating reset disk?

Different users are very well acquainted with the fact that it is quite easy to do Windows password reset by creating Windows password disk. Now the question arises is it possible to make Windows password reset without creating a disk? The answer is in affirmative. We can do it in an extremely easy manner and it will not consume much of the time even.

First of all go to command prompt and start the process of booting your computer. You can make use of Windows installation disc to accomplish the process of Windows password reset.

Now further all the set up files will get load slowly. Meanwhile you can choose your desired language and click on Ok.

Now you will see a link of repair your computer. You can select that link without wasting time.

Go below and select Windows recovery tools. Once you select the tools you can begin the process of Windows password reset even without recovery disk.

Although the process of Windows Password reset is quite simple, yet sometimes users also face different types of issues. If you are continuously facing any such issues, you can take different steps to rectify the problems. In such a case, it is a better way to contact with Windows technical staff. They will solve your problems after listening to it. In case, you are in a jiffy, you can also take a reliable third-party support to sort out the issues related to Windows.

Conclusion : This Blog mention above we hope help you to recover windows password even if you lost this will help you to reset windows password still having any trouble you can comment below section either contact mention above helpline number.

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