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The audiences were impressed by the features like a built-in hard drive and an Ethernet port. The hard drive allowed the users to store music and downloaded content while the built-in Ethernet port allowed the use of a high-speed broadband internet connection. It also the Xbox 360 was launched on MTV, It had been in development and was seen as the first “High- Definition” console. It is manufactured by Flextronics.

The User interface for the Xbox is called the Xbox Dashboard. It features a media player that can be used to play music CDs, rip CD. It uses many shades of green and black for the user interface, to be consistent with the physical Xbox color scheme. popular launch games included Halo: Combat Evolved, Project Gotham, Dead or Alive 3.All three of these games would go on to sell over a million copies in the US.

Microsoft launched its Xbox Live online gaming service, which allowed subscribers to play online Xbox games with other subscribers around the world and download new content directly to the system’s hard drive. The online service works only with a broadband Internet connection. Due to the immense popularity of gaming consoles in Japan, Microsoft delayed the release of the Xbox in Europe to focus on the Japanese video game market. Now in the market, there are Different Types of Xboxes. Over the years. The very first was the original Xbox, which only came in one flavor. The revamped version, the Xbox 360, came in various configurations, including the Xbox 360 Core, Xbox 360 Pro, and Xbox 360 Elite.

XBOX Technical Helpline provides “XBOX EXPERT TECHNICAL SUPPORT” on technical help regarding XBOX and its hardware components. It generates many issues like:- 1)Storage unit causing problem while loading. 2)Game loading speed is very low. 3) Xbox wont power on:- Another issue being reported by users is that the system won’t power on, or if it is for a limited time only and then audibly shuts off. This could he the console itself,but it is more likely the power brick. Our customers in USA and Canada can also contact is through our “XBOX TECHNICAL SUPPORT NUMBER USA AND CANADA” which provides technical help to the people living in these countries.

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